Books of the Week - Adventures with Spies!

June 03, 2020

I LOVE a good spy book, especially for carefree summer reading. Here are some great ones, for both boys and girls (and adults!) at just about every reading level.

Mac Undercover

Hilarious, with a fun nod to the 80s, and some other history trivia thrown in - and of course, plenty of cool spy stuff. 

 The Winterborne Home for Vengeance and Valor

An unlikely group of kids are brought together under the protection of the Winterborne Home...but mystery and danger awaits! Together they spy on the adults around them to uncover the secrets of the Winterborne family ,and they harbor a pretty big secret of their own! 


Technically, this isn't a spy book...but there's some spying that goes on, as a group of friends from a "perfect" town discover that their lives aren't quite so perfect after all. It's definitely a page-turner that will have you reaching for the next book as soon as you finish!

Reading level: Middle Grade Chapter Books

Mrs. Smith's Spy School for Girls

If you liked the Gallagher Girls, you'll like this one! It's aimed at a slighter younger audience (Abby is 13), but I enjoyed it thoroughly and am excited to make my way through the whole series!

Reading Level: Middle Grade Chapter Books (up into YA, maybe)

Guys. I LOVE this book. A certain high school English teacher you also know and love read it at about the same time I did, and we gushed over it together! This has a mix of all kinds of excitement - Nazi spies and resistance spies, Russian assassins, mysterious monks, Zeppelins, lots of intrigue, and dash of romance. It was originally written in French, so there are a few instances of awkward phrasing, where the English translation couldn't quite capture the essence of the French expression, but overall, it's a fascinating book that's hard to put down! 

Reading Level Upper School-Adult.

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