Books of the Week - A Few More Worlds of Fantasy!

June 10, 2020

I know I already recommended some fantasy stories just a couple of weeks ago, but "Fantasy" is actually a broad term that includes a plethora of subgenres, and there are so many great books to choose from! This post is a hodge-podge of several of those, but all are delightful.


I confess, I found this to be a slightly confusing mix of story elements - talking animals who live in a dump, and engage in artisan craftmanship, but also...there's a dragon? And a tiny dragon, at that! However, a certain young reader in my own family, who generally has great taste in books, found this exceedingly enjoyable. And it certainly is an escape into a very different world!

Reading level: Lower Grade Chapter Books.

The Dragon with the Chocolate Heart

I like dragon stories, and I love chocolate, so if you also find those enjoyable, you'll love this! A quirky and delicious tale.

Reading Level: Lower Grade and Middle Grade Chapter Books.

The Adventures of Sir Lancelot the Great

If you have an affinity for Arthurian tales, you might bristle at first at the liberties taken with this...but at the same time, you'll recognize the adventures immediately, and you might find the adaptations, with their happier conclusions and humorous twists, to be a fun way to introduce young readers to Lancelot and his fellow knights. That's my conclusion, at any rate. I was skeptical when I started, but heartily approving by the end. (Also it's quite funny!)

Reading Level: Lower Grade and Middle Grade Chapter Books.

The Lost Property Office

This has a slight Harry Potter feel - London, and a magical world of which our protagonist has a crucial place (but of which he was ignorant until about age 12, the age when the best adventures apparently start!). But while the elements of fantasy are still strong, Jack's "magic" actually stems from his synesthesia, which is a completely real thing, and quite fascinating.

Reading Level: Lower Grade and Middle Grade Chapter Books.

The Last Unicorn

In fantasy lore, unicorns have nothing at all to do with rainbows and cuteness. They are rare and beautiful, but incredibly meaningful and sometimes dangerous. And this one is the last. Perhaps! The quest of the Last Unicorn, and of the two human companions she brings along with her, is an adventure worth joining.

Reading Level: Upper Grades - Adult.

These are on order for the CHESS library, so they may not show up in the online catalog, but if you're interested in checking any out for the next library book pick-up day, send me an email!

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