A Different Sort of Farewell

May 20, 2020

Friends! I've been absent far too long, and it has been primarily because before the closure, the library had been such a bustling and active place, rather than that there wasn't anything to share. (See our Programs and Events page for more pictures of Library Week!)

Of course, for these last couple of months, we've all been home - which would seem to bode ill for library activity - and in this time, I have been reluctant to post simply because there have been so many free virtual resources offered by every organization imaginable. I haven't wanted to add to the noise, and I still don't intend to overwhelm you all with links and activities you don't need (and have probably already seen!). We did have a virtual story time each week, and while I can't link to all of those (for copyright reasons that will undoubtedly go back into full effect soon),  I have created a collection of the Beatrix Potter read-alouds, should you want them this summer - find them on our new Story Time page.

And now we are closing our school year, collecting books and saying good-bye in whatever ways we can. It not the year we had imagined, and these are not the good-byes we wanted to give! Even as we give thanks for God's provision in this time, and rejoice in the unexpected blessings we've discovered along the way, we are all looking forward to the day we can be together in person again, and the CHESS library is no exception to that desire.

In the meantime, we're going to do our best to continue to connect our students with great literature and to inspire contagious learning. Some of the ways we plan to do this are summer book clubs and a simple and fun summer reading program - so stay tuned for summer library news, coming very soon. There's hope ahead, dear friends - and lots of reading!

-Mrs. Meester

P.S. Get started on some summer reading with a family read-aloud! Here are some of my favorites - Read-Alouds

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