Book Favorites of the Week - Summer Adventures and Fantasy Worlds

May 27, 2020

Our summer reading program begins next week! There are so many great books to be read, shared, and discussed, and I'm excited about this summer of reading. I'm working on making some wonderful additions to our collection as well throughout the summer, and I'll share those as they come in, but we already have some fun ones to get you started. 

 As our summer gets underway, it's a great time to read about summer from a different perspective! For some laughs and fun facts about the life of a praying mantis, check out My Awesome Summer by P. Mantis. This was a story time favorite from early in the school year, and the students love it because it's an "eating book." (Fair warning: the insect life can be a little gruesome!)

Summer adventures abound in Adventures with Waffles, a story of a boy and girl and their adventures in Norway!

Travel to a world of dragons! This is a series, so the adventures keep going well after the first book.

If dragons aren't your thing, travel to the city of Wellmet with Conn, who discovers he has an affinity for magic, and becomes a wizard's apprentice. This is also a series!

This is a rollicking tale of a magical, moving house, a charming but irresponsible magician, and a no-nonsense heroine who battles an unusual curse. A variety of ages can enjoy this, but it's classified as Young Adult, so our high school readers (and honestly, parents, too) can feel perfectly justified in picking it up...and they should! 

See something you like? Most local libraries are providing drive-thru pick up services with holds placed in advance, and the CHESS library will as well! (Limited days and times.) If you can't find a particular title at your public library, or even CHESS is more convenient -or even if you just need a reason to drive by! - you can place a hold through Use the email associated with your child's CHESS information, and you can create a password so that you can place holds through their account. If you have any questions about that process, email me at

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