Read-Aloud List

I have arranged this in gently ascending age level (my own term!) in each category, and very loosely, at that. Read-alouds often apply to a broader audience, incorporating both younger children who are not able to read the book independently, as well as older children who could read it themselves but still enjoy the read-aloud experience. I would encourage families not to exclude a book automatically because they consider it too young or too old. Similarly, don't assume boys will reject a "girl" book, or vice versa. 
You might be surprised! 

Animal Adventures

Capyboppy                                                          Bill Peet

Dolphin Adventure                                             Wayne Grover

Winnie the Pooh                                               A.A. Milne

The Cricket in Times Square                            George Selden

Ginger Pye                                                       Eleanor Estes

Trumpet of the Swan                                       E.B. White

The Story of Doctor Dolittle                          Hugh Lofting
(note: this otherwise wonderful book and charming story has very outdated racial ideas in some parts that may be surprising to some! It can be a good history lesson and family discussion, but if you think that's too tricky a topic for your family, you might want to skip this one.)

Redwall                                                         Brian Jacques

Contemporary/Realistic Fiction

Gooney Bird Greene                                         Lois Lowry

Here's a Penny               

Adventures with Waffles                                  Maria Parr

Captain Nobody                                             Dean Pitchford  

The Candymakers                                          Wendy Mass

The Mysterious Benedict Society                    Trenton Lee Stewart

The Vanderbeekers of 141st St.                       Karina Yan Glaser


Fairy Tales and Myths

D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths                Ingri and Edgar Parin D'Aulaire

The Gods and Goddesses of Olympus         Aliki

Random House Book of Fairy Tales        

The Blue Fairy Book                                 Andrew Lang

Fantasy and Science Fiction

My Father's Dragon                                           Ruth Stiles Gannet

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon            

The Princess and the Goblin                          George MacDonald

On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness            Andrew Peterson

A Wrinkle in Time

Historical Fiction
 (These are arranged roughly in chronological order; reading/listening abilities may vary)                 

A Grain of Rice                                                  Helena Clare Pittman

The Apple and the Arrow                                    Conrad Buff

Johnny Appleseed                                             Will Moses

The Twenty-One Balloons                              William Pene du bois

The Light at Tern Rock                                       Julia Sauer

The Railway Children                                     E. Nesbit
In Grandma's Attic                                             Arleta Richardson

The Milly-Molly-Mandy Storybook                Joyce Lankester Brisley

The Hundred Dresses                                         Eleanor Estes

The Family Under the Bridge                           Natalie Savage Carlson

Mary on Horseback                                          Rosemary Wells

Least of All                                                       Carol Purdy

Baby Island                                                     Carol Ryrie Brink 

Happy Times in Noisy Village                          Astrid Lindgren

No Children, No Pets                                       Marion Holland

Twenty and Ten                                                  Claire Huchet Bishop
Echo                                                               Pam Munoz Ryan


Missionary Stories

Missionary Stories with the Millers             Mildred Martin

Catching Their Talk in a Box                       Betty M. Hockett

A Question of Yams                                      Gloria Repp

This doesn't include a number of classcs that OF COURSE are wonderful to read aloud. (The Chronicles of Narnia, Peter Pan, Little House on the Prairie, The Hobbit, etc). Also not included, books typically read-aloud in our lower school classrooms. In short, this is far from a comprehensive list!

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