March Madness - Book Edition!

April 07, 2019

Just before Spring Break, the library featured own March Madness fun, with our tournament of books! Students (and teachers!) voted for their favorites in the first round of 64 books.

When we returned from break, they voted on subsequent rounds, setting us up for the FINAL TWO

That our final two books are picture books (in a very diverse field) is rather amusing, actually, given that our most enthusiastic voters were upper middle grade students, who checked the bracket daily and even campaigned for their favorites. It's also revealing and insightful, in the best possible way. The books they love the most are the ones that were likely read to them when they were little! 

I look forward to seeing which one will win this year's tournament, and I'd LOVE to hear about your family favorites! Which picture books do/did you and your kids love the most? Comment below!

-Mrs. Meester

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