Help Your Library - Check out Books!

March 08, 2019

I went to a library book sale last week, and their library's excess turned into the CHESS library's blessing! I spent an entire morning sifting through books, and ended up with quite a few stacks of interesting and relevant books for our collection.

This is exciting! It's also a bit of a problem, because I currently don't have enough room on our shelves for all these books.

I've added what I can, but now many of the shelves are just about as tightly packed as I can make them! Our CHESS families can help with this problem, however, in two different ways:

1. Keep on supporting the CHESS capital campaign. We need that bigger library space, folks! Also, the other rooms and great outdoor spaces, too. But that library! Let's make that happen!

2. Come check out books! Did you know that any CHESS student, whether homeschooled or enrolled full-time, can check out books? Did you know that we really, really WANT our CHESS students and families to check out books? We are always working to add materials that will complement the diverse learning experiences of our students. Our library is made for our students and their families - please don't be afraid to use it! And don't let those sometimes pesky library notices deter you  - they're automated and just serve as reminders. I would rather our students be checking out books regularly and losing track of due dates, than letting all our great books sit on the shelves unused!

Go to our New Books page to see what's been added lately...and come see us soon!

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