Spring Read-A-Thon

(Print the following to keep a record of your pledges and your pages read, or pick up copies in the library!)

Rules: Ask friends and family members to pledge an amount of money for each page you read during the week of April 15-21.  (Suggested: $0.05 or $0.10 per page. If you are fast reader, offer your supporters a maximum donation amount!) Below, record the number of pages you read during the week, add them up at the end, then let your supporters know how much they owe! Collect your pledges and return them to the library by April 30.  All proceeds will go toward adding awesome new books in the library!
Sunday:        _______________
Monday:       _______________
Tuesday:      _______________
Wednesday: ______________
Thursday:      _______________
Friday:           ________________
Saturday:     _______________

Total number of pages: ____________________________
Parent Signature: _________________________________
What are some of the books you read?

CHESS Christian School Read-a-thon!
Friends and family: Support our CHESS students in a one-week read-a-thon! Pledge a set amount per page they read during the week of April 15-21, and at the end of the week, reward them for their great reading! All proceeds will go toward CHESS Christian Library enrichment.
  Student Name:
                                       Final page count:
Name                                     Amount pledged per page     x # of pages read      Total
                                               (include maximum donation, if desired)
Example: Jane Friend        $0.10/page ($10.00)                                                   
                                                                                                                                             Total: ________________

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