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October 20, 2019

As the first quarter of the school year comes to a close, it's time for a quick library update! 

Our first reading rewards program of the year was more hurried than we would have liked, but was a success! Students enjoyed collecting Chipotle rewards, and I enjoyed hearing about what they were reading, even if it was "just" school reading. For the record, though, students read - and will continue to read - some great books for their language arts classes. As I reminded them, this is valid reading for a reading program and can be just as enjoyable as books they choose on their own. At any rate, we definitely plan to include Chipotle Reading Rewards in future programs, and expect to be able to do so in a less last-minute fashion (presumably we won't be building a school or moving into one in future years!).

Class visits have been another highlight of the library this quarter. I've been able to visit some of the lower school classes for story time (with some very fun books!) and classes have also been visiting the library on a regular basis, for students to choose their own books. We've also enjoyed having upper school students visit at least twice a week (yes, that's mandatory and just for dismissal purposes...BUT I still love the bustle of students in the library, and definitely count it as positive exposure to great books).

Another exciting development in the library has been the addition of two computers! Currently their most extensive use has been for Minecraft collaboration among some of our students (which is certainly not without merit)…however, their intended use is to expand the information available in the library! While we will always promote the timeless value of real, living books, we do want to make good use of the vast resources available to us online, so as the year progresses, we'll be encouraging students to use our new technology updates to check out InfOhio.org, especially for information we may not have available in book form. Each site includes information curated for the respective age range, and also has instructions for correct citation in papers and research projects. Find the links, as well as our recommendations, here!

Exciting things are always happening in our library, and we're excited for the next quarter. Come by to see what's new, find a great book, or just to say hi!

There's always something new in the library!

-Mrs. Meester

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