Spirit Week!

October 19, 2018

This week was Spirit week at CHESS, which was a blast for the whole school! To see the week in pictures, check out the CHESS blog, where you can see Pop Culture Day, Game Day, Color Day, and Pajama Day. My personal favorite day of the week was the last one, because it meant Thursday story times in our pajamas!

As a special treat, and a nod to a cozy bedtime story time, we read two versions of The Little Red Hen - a faithful retelling of the original, and a slightly less conventional version involving pizza. Both, however, highlighted the virtues of industriousness and diligence, and cautioned against laziness, in the clever and lighthearted way that makes the classic folktales such valuable pieces of early education. Also, no animals were eaten in this week's tale, which was a relief to everyone, I'm sure!

In other library happenings of the past couple of weeks, we celebrated fall (and the much-awaited arrival of actual fall weather!) 

Our fall display featured some of our newest additions to the library collection, which is growing so rapidly that we've added a special page for new arrivals. Check our NEW BOOKS page often to see the most recent additions! You can also see some of the new books, as well as a rotating selection of recommended books each week, on our "Books of the Week" cart.

And last but not least, we had a special visitor this week, Riley the ball python. He traveled to many of the classes for no particular reason, other than that he adds a fun boost to the day when he comes to CHESS! Most everyone likes Riley's visits...with a few notable exceptions who shall remain unnamed (although you may have heard them as they darted in the other direction!). 

I hope all this fun and contagious learning is translating into happy learning at home as well, and I would LOVE to hear about it, so comment below and share what your family is reading or exploring. Until next time!

-Mrs. Meester


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