The School Year Begins...Fun and Learning Ensues!

September 28, 2018

     The library blog has been quiet for the past few weeks, but the start of the school year has been a very busy one for the library! We've been establishing routines, distributing books and materials, making connections with teachers, and, most importantly, getting to know our CHESS students! Now that we're in full swing, I'm excited to share some of the highlights from the last few weeks.

     We've featured some great books in our displays, starting with fairy tales (which will be a theme in the library throughout the year):

Most recently, we featured Chasing Vermeer, a great book for middle grade students (and beyond!) that uses art history, codes and ciphers, and pentominoes to weave together an exciting and challenging mystery. And what are pentominoes? You can find the information we shared with our students here: What Are Pentominoes?. Other resources, including some challenging pentomino puzzles and activities, are still available in the library for teachers, students, and parents to continue to explore.

We're also adding new books to our collection regularly, as we work to provide teachers with resources to supplement their class topics, as well as to connect our students with good and relevant literature. 

     And finally, I'm excited about the opportunity I've had to visit some classes on a weekly basis, getting to know students and sharing stories with them. We've been reading classic folk tales and having great fun together doing so, but we've also been able to discuss the value of wisdom and the perils of foolishness.    

We're only just getting started! Check back in next week for more glimpses into the life of the CHESS library.

-Mrs. Meester

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