"Was God Back Then?"

March 16, 2018

 Yesterday we celebrated St. Patrick's Day in the library by having classes come in for story time, and we had such fun! We read tales of and from Ireland, and in between, we read the story of the very real St. Patrick. As I was introducing St. Patrick's story, one kindergartner asked earnestly, 

"Was God back then?"

What a fantastic question...and what a joy it was to be able to say, "Yes! He WAS 'back then', and here's the story of how he worked through one man to bring the knowledge of Himself to Ireland." Then throughout the story, there were also questions about missionaries, baptism, and the Trinity, and it was such a blessing to discuss these truths with eager young minds.

My time with the students yesterday highlighted some of my favorite reasons for reading good biographies. In Patrick's story, we read about a man whose faithfulness in spite of much hardship resulted in the salvation of many.

In Martin Luther's story we read about a man who might have been a bit rough around the edges, but who was used by God in great ways to have an enormous influence on the Church.

In Amy Carmichael's story, we read about a girl who, in wanting blue eyes instead of brown, fretted about many of the same things young girls do today,  but who grew into a faithful servant of the Lord who learned that God had a plan and a purpose for making her just as he did.

In Corrie ten Boom's story, we read about a woman who would never have thought she could have survived the horrors that befell her because of her family's bravery - but because of God's faithfulness, she not also survived, but became a witness to God's goodness and power.

Even in the lives of unbelievers, we see God's hand throughout history, and in reading about the lives of all kinds of people, we learn about that history in unique ways, as if walking in the shoes of someone who lived it. We learn, too, that people all throughout the ages have experienced many of the same struggles and longings that we still experience. We learn that we are a very small part of a very big world...but also that just as the people who thought they were ordinary or insufficient, we too can be used by God in big ways.

Come visit the library to find these stories, and many more, and comment below to tell us about your favorite biographies!

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  1. As I was reading this post, Eli walked by, saw the picture of the book and said, "Hey! We read that this week!" It brings so much joy and peace to my heart to know that my kids have access to a library and librarian filled with knowledge about the world, and an opportunity to learn more about themselves and God through this amazing resource. Thank you for the unique way you are pouring into our students!

    I LOVE biographies! One of my most recent favorites has been "Unbroken" by Laura Hillenbrand.


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