The Library in the Age of Information

February 20, 2018

       We live in an age of information, where just about everything we could possibly want to find is at our fingertips - or even just at the sound of our voices - when we connect to the internet. With that  wealth of knowledge available in such a fashion, it is worthwhile to wonder whether a library still has any relevance, whether it is worth celebrating and supporting.

Of course, at CHESS Christian School, we believe there is, in fact, incredible value in a space dedicated to preserving and offering volumes of books in their original form. Many of us know from experience that the feel of a book - its heft and its aroma - help to connect the reader with the story unfolding within its pages. That is not just nostalgia speaking, as there is at least some science to support it. Studies show that the tactile experience of  reading on paper versus on a screen can boost retention. There are other factors - less eye strain, no reliance on electricity and internet connection - but whatever the reasons, the truth is simply that printed books and the libraries that house them have been a vital part of civilization for hundreds of years, and despite the rise of the digital age, those books and libraries are still in demand. So at CHESS Christian, as we guide students to what God created them to be in this age of information, we also eagerly encourage them to connect with great books in printed form, and we celebrate the library where it can all begin.

There are libraries in almost every community and all kinds of ways to connect with those collections, and while we encourage our students to use those, we are intentional about building our own library in unique ways. We want our students to join in the Great Conversation, the incredible body of  literary work that underpins Western Civilization. We want them to connect with excellent literature and with good research materials. We want them to be informed and well-read, in order to be good and productive citizens in their communities and around the world. And as they do all that, we want them to develop such knowledge within a solid, well-formed biblical worldview, in order to be faithful ambassadors of Christ.

With this blog, we hope to communicate more about that purpose and to share the ways in which it takes shape throughout the CHESS community. We also want to give our friends and families opportunities to join us in the careful development of our collection. Here you will find basic information about our library and library policies, regular updates on our collection and programs, and links to our wish lists of books and materials that we believe will add to the richness of our selections.

We're excited about the future of CHESS Christian library, and we're so thankful for the support of our CHESS community. Thank you for visiting, and check back in often to see that future unfold!

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